Webinar: How To Easily Get Started With Content Marketing and Marketing Automation

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Webinar: How To Easily Get Started With Content Marketing and Marketing Automation

In this webinar, Kim Albee, President and Founder of Genoo, will show you how to get started with Content Marketing and Marketing Automation. This session will be a pragmatic approach to easily getting started generating leads to help your business grow.

You will learn:

1. How to think about your goals with online marketing, so they lead to a campaign that will work.
2. How to research your target audience and uncover the content that will engage.
3. The essential elements of the campaign, and putting them together.
4. How to follow up effectively with the leads you generate and keep them engaged.
5. How to drive traffic to your content.

About the Speaker:

Genoo Founder and CEO Kim Albee has over 23 years of experience designing software and running businesses. Her passion is in creating systems that are easy to use and helping companies attract more prospects and close more sales. When new technology appears, from social networking to the Kindle, Kim is among the first to play with it and show others the best ways to use it. She has founded two marketing software companies, Einsof Inc in 2000 and Genoo LLC in 2008.

Kim founded Genoo LLC, a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering of Integrated Online Marketing Tools (https://www.genoo.com). Genoo was built for marketers struggling to keep up with the speed and functionality required to leverage the Internet effectively to drive growth for their companies.
After working on many solutions for mid-to-large corporations, Genoo set out to recreate those tools for the small and mid-sized market. The software design baked in enough flexibility and functionality for large corporations, but made the tools widely accessible to every marketer who needs them.

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