Webinar: LeadPAC – 2011′s Best New B2B Marketing Concept

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Webinar: LeadPAC – 2011′s Best New B2B Marketing Concept

B2B marketers supplement their own direct marketing efforts in a wide variety of ways in order to maximize pipeline. One of 2011′s most popular new concepts is that of pay-for-performance email, as highlighted at recent B2B conferences such as DemandCon and the Online Marketing Summit series. As with any pay-for-performance service, the appeal of the LeadPAC pay-per-click advertising platform is easy to understand – clients pay only for results!

Participate in our fast-moving 30-minute session to see for yourself why LeadPAC has become one of 2011′s fastest-growing B2B lead gen approaches.

About the Speaker:
Mark Nachlis, Sr. Vice President at True Influence – Mark has 25 years of experience in sales and marketing leadership and has most recently been the Vice President, Technology Markets at Harte-Hanks selling and developing lead generation, demand generation and custom database solutions for top tier B2B companies. Previous to that role Mark was the Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Maxspeed, a thin client and security provider.


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