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Webinar: Maximizing Lead Flow from Events

Events can be an extraordinarily productive source of sales leads—or they can be a total budget black hole. Why? Because, on a cost-per-contact basis, event marketing is most expensive arrow in the marketing quiver. If managed poorly, events generate a lot of waste. But if managed well, events can be harnessed as an excellent, high-value lead source.

In this webinar, learn the 5 important points of leverage that make or break your event marketing program as a productive environment for lead generation. You will learn:

  • Today’s best ways to apply business events, from trade shows to proprietary corporate events like executive seminars and client conferences.
  • How to select the right event to suit your particular marketing objectives.
  • The top promotional techniques to drive traffic to your event.
  • Which data elements are essential to capture from attendees for ongoing relationship building.
  • Post-event follow-up strategies that will turn your event attendance into revenue results.
  • About the Speaker
    Ruth P. Stevens is the author of the widely acclaimed book Trade Show and Event Marketing: Plan, Promote and Profit, and teaches marketing to graduate students at Columbia and a variety of business schools around the world. Her latest book is Maximizing Lead Generation: The Complete Guide for B2B Marketers.

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