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Webinar: Mining the Gold-3 Steps to Acquiring New Sales-Ready Leads Faster than Ever Before

The old techniques for acquiring leads no longer produce the required results. Business is screaming for new leads faster, and yet we marketers often execute campaigns that produce single-digit conversion rates. The good news is there is a new way – an innovative process that has proven to drive new opportunities for your sales team –producing conversion rates in excess of 30%.

Join us for this web-based discussion, especially if you are open to new methods and ideas that drive profitable growth. We’ll discuss:

  • Preparing by predicting your results in expected revenue
  • Where to find these opportunities: The new ‘targeting’ method
  • How to engage them
  • How to get started and how fast you will see results

About the Speaker
Steve Bernstein is an experienced marketing executive with more than 20 years of experience in developing leading strategies with hands-on execution. Steve is a founder and serves as Principal Consultant for Waypoint Group, a firm dedicated to driving profitable growth for B2B businesses through more effective marketing and communications.

Prior to founding Waypoint Group, Steve held senior leadership/VP positions Enkata, Satmetrix, Cisco Systems, and Blue Pumpkin, leading the charge to develop winning market-focused strategies that led to sustainable growth, profitability, and #1 market share position.

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