Webinar: Six C’s to Aligning Sales and Marketing to Accelerate Revenue

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Webinar: Six C’s to Aligning Sales and Marketing to Accelerate Revenue


Sales and Marketing are responsible for managing a predictable, reliable demand generation pipeline that produces higher value opportunities and maximizes revenue. The traditional approach to the pipeline- Awareness, Interest, Demand, Action or the more modified version of this pipeline – Awareness, Interest, Consideration, Purchase – is outdated.

The customer is no longer a passive recipient or a sidelined spectator. In today’s environment, customers are actively engaged in the buying process. Today we leverage a mix of vehicles from search engines to customer generated blogs and reviews, from online communities to social networks, and from broadcast to personalization designed to create engagement and enhance experience. Yet our language related to the customer buying pipeline hasn’t kept up.


Join us for this web-based discussion,We’ll discuss and learn:

  • A customer-centric alternative for creating an opportunity pipeline
  • Six key measurable stages for developing, implementing and measuring Marketing’s contribution to the opportunity pipeline
  • How to use this customer-centric approach to align marketing and sales and enable the two organization to collaboratively accelerate revenue
  • About the Speaker:

    Laura Patterson’s career spans over 30 years working for companies such as State Farm and Motorola. In 1999 she co-founded VisionEdge Marketing, a company that enables organizations to leverage data and analytics to facilitate marketing accountability and operations, measure and improve marketing performance, develop dashboards, and enhance marketing and sales alignment in order to accelerate revenue and create a competitive advantage.

    Author of three books, including Metrics in Action, Laura has served on several boards such as the ANA and BMA and has lectured at various universities including Tuck’s Business School and Stanford University. She serves on the Advisory Board for the CMO Council and the World Brand Congress. Laura earned her B.A from Truman State University and her Master’s at the University of South Florida.

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