Webinar: What Every Marketer Should Know About Event Marketing

Event Marketing Webinar Recap

Webinar: What Every Marketer Should Know About Event Marketing

As marketers we focus most of our attention to developing creative campaigns that will drive the most net new leads.

Yet when it comes to event marketing, most marketers do little more than toss sponsorship dollars at an event organizer and pray they will get a large bucket of leads to pass over the fence to the sales team. As a result, statistically, event marketing usually yields the highest cost per lead out of all other marketing initiatives.

In this presentation, Shawn is going to share best practices on how to;

  • Get the most out of your event marketing budget
  • Build an effective event marketing strategy
  • Improve your brand awareness
  • How to manage the leads you generate effectively
  • About the Speaker
    Shawn Elledge, CEO of the Integrated Marketing Summit and founding partner of DemandCon has produced and marketed hundreds of events and witnessed thousands of presentations on B2B marketing. He has worked with marketers who take field marketing to new heights with fantastic ROI’s, and seen the mistakes that cause campaigns to fail.

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