Webinars Emerging as Lead Gen ‘Go-To’ Plan

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Webinars Emerging as Lead Gen ‘Go-To’ Plan

By Zachary Smith.

The changing face of B2B marketing has ushered in a multi-platformed approach to generate leads. As executives today desire quality over quantity, they are seeking methods beyond blogs, social media and email blasts to obtain specified content. Webinar hosting is a lead generation technique that is the most transparent.

A 2015 Demand Gen Report Benchmark Study revealed that while email remains the most popular way to engage customers, Webinars are gaining popularity across all industries when it comes to lead generation. This holds true from the top of the funnel through nurturing and eventual bottom of the funnel leads. The following are a few techniques to integrate cross-channel strategies when launching a webinar.


Plan, Message and Promote

Webinars are an effective way to draw in a maintain contact with customers. They are a multimedia platform to showcase your brand by putting a face/voice with the company. Although there is more planning, budgeting and scheduling involved in their use, webinars are the next best B2B marketing technique to capture a targeted audience than a live event, such as a trade show.

Some strategic planning, messaging and promotion are necessary for executing a webinar, but the rewards will most likely pay off. The key is to ensure your webinar is engaging, accurate and covers all the brand specifics in a manner which is not dry and void of enthusiasm.


When picking the right platform, consider the attendee’s convenience. Are they able to easily register and join the event? Does the platform offer multiple ways to join, like through a smartphone? Enabling registration ease will either make or break the webinar campaign.

Right Place, Right Time

Planning and promotion before the webinar is essential. This is where leveraging social media, company Web sites and email invites come into play. Generally, promotion should begin 6 weeks prior to the event. Go out beyond and a business risks losing potential attendee’s interest and attention. Wait until a week prior and they most likely will already have other plans. . The point here is that all the effort and planning could be lost time if the timing is off.

Webinar Hosting

Finally, it’s time to host the webinar and make sure all the components are in place to make sure the event goes on without issue. Companies often partner with firms who specialize in webinar creation. Whether your business outsources webinar production to another company or you plan, promote and produce event in house, remember to utilize all resources available to increase the contact potential and yield the greatest number of qualified leads as possible.

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