The Role Of The True Influence Blog

Welcome to the True Influence blog!

At True Influence our primary goal is to make you more successful by making your job easier and more efficient. We provide simple, on-demand marketing automation software to plan, execute and measure marketing campaigns that drive good leads to sales. This means that our blog will discuss things that we know and feel passionately about: closing the gap between sales and marketing, making marketing more measurable to sales revenues, understanding social networking trends, and finally, tips and tricks to get your job done faster, more efficiently and with less resources.

Our team includes world class marketing software executives so we understand the pressure marketing has to produce quality leads, deliver significant ROI on campaigns, and accomplish this with limited resources. Go figure, doing more with less! We are all faced with this challenge today and that’s what this blog is really about – efficiency that leads to effectiveness.

Let me tell you a little bit about how we got started. It was sometime in early 2008 when I met Radhakrishnan (I call him Biju) the innovator behind the True Influence platform. We had long discussions and shared our vision for a new kind of enterprise application. His vision was to deliver web-based applications that do not require expensive upgrades and serve a specific need to help increase marketing and sales productivity. From these discussions, the company was born. We decided to call our company “True Influence” because of our common goal to bring marketing and sales together in a more relevant way and combine this marketing and sales thirst for social networking. Little did I know what a wonderful and demanding ride this would be.

I have the good fortune of working with people who are committed to our company mission – developing applications that really matter to our users and help them be more productive. As True Influence grows, I hope that this blog will introduce us to many of you…and give us a chance to meet via this blog and in person. This blog will serve as a way to share what we find interesting and relevant. We are a small team dedicated to making a difference by developing applications that really matter to the users who are using them. For that to happen, we need to engage with you, to have a true collaborative effort. Please let us know what matters to you.

– Brian

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