What Sets Us Apart

We understand the challenges of the sales and marketing process and how important it is to zero in and focus on active in-market buyers. That’s why we built the technology that helps identify who is showing intent and resolves identity in ways that other intent providers don’t.

Modern marketers need a good identity strategy to address multiple channels and to precisely target. People interact with brands across multiple channels, on multiple devices from different IP addresses and it gets harder every day to execute hard-hitting, unique and targeted campaigns. But Identity Graph Triangulation™ makes it easier to resolve identity so you can get to the business of understanding and communicating with prospects and customers.

Identity Graph Triangulation®

Identity graphs Triangulation® help marketing and sales accurately identify customers regardless of the device, channel, or physical location.

Our identity graph Triangulation® technology identifies contact-level intent from B2B decision-makers across all departments in an account. Wherever prospects and customers engage with your content, you can recognize them.

Identity Graph Triangulation
True Influence Relevance Engine

True Influence Relevance Engine®

True Influence Relevance Engine® further identifies the exact content that is spiking and compares the current/recent activity for every company and individual contact.

Intent data signals are essential to b2b markets and buying group. Introduced in 2010, we incorporated big data analytics with our True Influence Relevance Engine® which uses natural language processing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to gather and analyze billions of intent signals each day.


Our contact records are real, employed, and reachable. TripleCheck® verifies all B2B contact records delivered for accuracy of information.

TripleCheck® sifts out the invalid leads and delivers to you only the most qualified records. We verify B2B contact records, for complete and up-to-date information.


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